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Demonstrate confidence in your schedule and deliver

The defence & aerospace industry is facing tough challenges. A decline in global defence spending for traditional markets, supply chain disruption, increased international competition and negative public perception. There are positives too: new growth in aerospace and demand from new geographies; Russia, Canada, India, China, Japan & Middle East.

BAE Systems Saudi Arabia has used the Predict! Toolset since the mid-1990s, to manage risks on over 100 projects. The expertise that Risk Decisions have provided has supported not only our implementation of the toolset but also the development of our risk management capability.

Richard J. Pickles, Head of Capability Integration, BAE Systems, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

It has never been more important for defence companies and their supply chain partners to be transparent in their operations and make smart decisions in the work from bid through to completion and deliver what they promise to their stakeholders. Robust risk management practice can help.

Our risk management software, Predict! has been helping defence organisations manage their risks since 1986. We collaborate with our clients to provide an evolving yet completely

customisable COTS risk register with an integrated Monte Carlo schedule analysis engine and a comprehensive range of reporting options. We also have the expertise to provide consultancy and coaching services to help defence companies keep abreast of the developments in good risk management practice.

Applying risk management to your business projects and programs allows you to:

  • Minimise contingency: efficient costing, scheduling and allocation of manpower
  • Flexibility to compete on price, invest or take profit
  • Increased confidence leading to:
    • Increased share value
    • Improved credit ratings: Standard & Poor’s, the rating agency, now tracks risk management capability as part of its ratings assessment.
    • Reduced business insurance costs

Predict! supports proactive risk management at every stage of projects and programmes enabling defence contractors to gain competitive advantage.

The performance levels achieved make the Predict! system one of the most responsive web enabled applications in the defence environment.

Defence Materiel Organisation

      • Bid stage
      • Understand cost and schedule confidences to make informed “bid / no bid” decisions.
      • Contract negotiations
      • Predict!’s integrated risk analysis capabilities allows for ‘what if’ scenario analysis to show the client the cost and schedule impact of modifying or removing specific risks.
      • The use of an end to end risk management system will give the client confidence that project delivery will be on time and to cost – improving your chances of winning.
      • Project delivery:
        • Predict! enables all of the risks and mitigation actions identified when bidding to be seamlessly passed across to the delivery team. No longer will misunderstood spreadsheets get passed across (or not).
        • Provide a standard format for all stakeholders (defence contractors, suppliers and customers) to capture, analyse and report their risk information – leading to greater transparency and trust.
        • The multi access Predict! database allows everyone to see and maintain the risks and actions that are important to them, at anytime. Risk management becomes a proactive day to day activity.
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