Predict! 5 Risk Management Software

A full picture of how your people manage risk can be a key challenge to an effective, engaged and integrated risk strategy. Lack of engagement, incomplete data and inconsistent tracking combine to cloud a clear understanding of your business risk exposure.

Predict 5.0! is designed to create an enhanced user-experience. Simplicity and speed define this new intuitive risk management platform, driving engagement and levelling out organisational adoption. This means managers can dedicate more time and focus to long-term organisational strategies, based on accurate data sets.

Collaborating with our customer community, Predict 5.0! has been built to support your end-goals. Evolving to a more flexible platform ensures a personalised, highly configurable tool, delivering the risk data you need to make managing risk as easy as possible.

Predict! 5 is a complete and fully integrated risk management and analysis package, comprising:

  • Predict! Risk Controller – for capturing, assessing, managing and reporting on risks, issues, opportunities and mitigation actions: project, programme, portfolio, enterprise.
  • Predict! Risk Analyser – Monte Carlo analysis for determining contingency budget, and determining the real likelihood of meeting your cost and schedule objectives.
  • Predict! Risk Controller Lite – make risk management easy with this MS Excel interface to Predict! Risk Controller.
  • Predict! Risk Intelligence – an easy-to-use web-based reporting tool that allows you to build, share and interrogate interactive reports.
  • Predict! Connect – extracts data out of Predict! Risk Controller for integration with corporate reporting tools.

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