Predict! Connect

Predict! Connect extracts data out of Predict! Risk Controller for use with corporate reporting tools (e.g. SharePoint, SAP Business Objects, SAP Crystal Reports, Microsoft Reporting Services).

Risk management is becoming an integrated part of business as usual for companies, and as a result many companies are looking to include risk information in their integrated, cross-discipline management information system or dashboard reports. A range of standard data sets is available so you can choose the most appropriate set of data necessary for your report.

Predict! Connect allows you to take risk information from Predict! Risk Controller into your reporting tool. You can then either build your own risk reports, or integrate risk information into your enterprise dashboard.
Predict!’s security protocols are still applied, so users can only see the risks and actions that they are approved to see or those relevant to them.

Predict! Connect also provides impact data (qualitative ratings and overall risk scoring) calculated according to a scoring system chosen by the user.

The result: easy integration of key risk indicators into your management dashboards and bespoke risk reporting on any risk data from Predict! Risk Controller.

Predict! Connect allows you to insert bespoke risk reports into corporate tools, for example:

  • Use Microsoft Reporting Services to design reports for publication in Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Integrate key risk indicators into your SAP reports
  • Create report templates with the specific layout and design that you need

Key features

  • Report on Predict! Risk Controller risks in corporate reporting tools
  • Impact data according to a scoring system chosen by the user
  • Predict! security protocols still applied
  • Web services or JDBC interfaces, ODBC interfaces