Predict! Risk Controller Lite (RCLite)

For users requiring a simple, no frills approach to risk management, we developed Predict! Risk Controller Lite (RCLite), an Excel style template that has all the benefits of flexibility, familiarity and ease of use that spreadsheets bring.

Simply capture or review your risks and actions in the RCLite Excel-like template, and upload them into Predict!, so that the information is available for instant review across the business. Alternatively, download your risks and actions from Predict into an Excel spreadsheet, make any changes and upload it back in.

Predict! Risk Controller Lite:

  • Delivers change by gradually weaning users off spreadsheet risk registers onto the corporate Predict! database
  • Allows sub-contractors, customers and partners to update your enterprise risk database without directly logging in
  • Populate new Predict! databases with legacy data
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