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Improving efficiency, competitiveness and resilience is a shared and constant quest for businesses. For the executive level fewer surprises and increased visibility of risk are essential. Risk management – embedded across your organisation – can play a major role in achieving both of these

But how can risk leaders break down the barriers to engaging teams, enabling them to maximise the full potential of risk management to achieve business success? 

Predict! 5 My risks

Predict! 5 My risks

Predict! Risk Controller is quantum leap in providing a risk management tool that is quick to deploy, fast to learn and simple to use. User experience is at the centre of Predict! Risk Controller. We have drawn on in-depth research to create a clear, intuitive product that is readily adopted across your organisation

Predict! Risk Controller helps shift your team’s approach to being more proactive: users quickly identify which risks and, most importantly, which actions need their attention, and can respond to these effectively. Message-driven prompts encourage users to engage in managing risks and actions.  

Comprehensive and bespoke visual reporting and fully integrated risk analysis provide up-to-date contingency and confidence information. 

Empowering company-wide involvement gives you clear, transparent and full visibility of the most significant risks across your entire business, without the need for subjective selection of the top risks, or manual merging of out-of-date spreadsheets. 


Key Features

Entering & editing risk and action information 

  • Threat, issues, opportunity and action (mitigation & fallback) management 
  • Intuitive user interface with quick navigation to key functionality 
  • Single page for quickly updating a risk and its actions 
  • Bulk updating of risks
  • Configurable to suit different user roles, programs, terminology and processes 

Risk assessment & analysis 

  • Flexible program and business unit specific scoring systems 
  • Automatic scoring recalibration 
  • Relate risks to show overall impact of common risks across your business 
  • Automated cost and schedule Monte Carlo analysis via integration with Predict! Risk Analyser 
  • Compatible with MS Project, Primavera, OPP 

Tracking & monitoring risks 

  • Clearly indicates upcoming risk management tasks and events 
  • Workflow to progress risks through key review stages 
  • Automatic email alerts and quick risk sharing 
  • Escalation prompt – prompts users to escalate risk reaching the highest rating band

Risk reporting 

  • Easily create lists of risks based on your criteria and chosen columns 
  • Quick, simple reporting and exporting from core screens 
  • Comprehensive, customisable reporting with trends and visualisations 
  • Upload/ download capability 


  • Full compliance with ISO 31000 and other industry standards 
  • Comprehensive security and user permissions including tw0-factor authentication
  • Flexible licencing options 
  • On-premise or cloud-based installation 
  • Rapid deployment, minimal training 
  • Ongoing support from our responsive, friendly team of experts
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