Predict! Risk Intelligence

Fast, flexible and powerful reporting

Predict! Risk Intelligence graphical reports

Predict! Risk Intelligence is an easy to use web-based reporting tool that allows you to build, share and interrogate interactive reports in minutes to answer questions like: Which risks in my programme have the most severe cost impact?  Which of my projects has the most Health & Safety risks associated with it? How many critical risks does each risk owner have across my programme?

In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to understand your exposure to risk. This makes the ability to easily create, share, and interrogate risk data a real asset. An easy to use insight into your risk data means you can identify risk hotspots faster, focusing time and resources on the areas that matter most.

How it works

Predict! Risk Intelligence integrates with Predict! Risk Controller data for fast, flexible and powerful reporting. With a simple wizard-based approach, you can turn your data into powerful insights and make information-driven decisions in minutes.

Simply drag and drop live information from Predict! Risk Controller to create your report. You can assess risk registers, graphs, and visual reports, export them into HTML, Excel, PDF or CSV or simply print them in a size and format to suit you.

Choose the report to suit your needs

Once your reports are formatted, they can be saved for re-use and distribution across teams of users, business functions and projects. It is easy to use standard and bespoke reporting to present information relevant to a user’s position within the organisation.

Predict! Risk Intelligence offers a choice of 3 reports: register, graphical and dashboard style, so you can display your risk information in a format best suited to your business needs.

Need more detail? Simply click on any chart item to drill down and interrogate further.

Predict! Risk Intelligence offers:

  • Fast, flexible and powerful reporting – live!
  • Easy to create, simply drag and drop
  • One-click data interrogation to identify risk hotspots
  • Interactive visualisations – heat grids, scatter/bubble charts, geo-mapping


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