Predict! Risk Reporter

Custom reporting embedded within Predict! 5.1

Some of the visualisations available with Predict! Risk Reporter

As program or business managers, you need to make data-driven decisions quickly. Reports with real-time risk information from across your organisation are key to effective performance.

Predict! Risk Reporter creates custom report templates to take your business forward.  Shareable with users on thePredict! Risk Control report menu, there’s no distraction of a separate system log-in. This ease of use is just one reason Predict! encourages wider user engagement.

Different programs, functions, and stakeholders may have distinctive needs. You can meet these by modifying an existing template, or if necessary by creating a new one from scratch. If you don’t have the resources or the time to do this, we offer a customer Report Development Service to do it for you.

Key features:

  • Visualisations giving intuitive insights to aid decision-taking – heat grids, scatter/bubble charts, spider charts etc.
  • Report templates embedded within Predict! Risk Controller – no tedious logging into another system
  • Assign templates based on user roles – users only see the reports relevant to them
  • User selectable output formats (Word, PowerPoint, PDF) – easy to embed into documents and presentations
  • Click to open individual risks within Predict! Risk Controller – quick access to risk detail
  • Supplied with two pre-prepared editable report templates
  • Ability to share custom report templates with other organisations.
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