Predict! Risk Controller Advanced Course

The one-day Predict! Risk Controller Advanced Course training course covers Predict! Risk Controller from a management and decision-making perspective. Through hands-on exercises and group discussion, delegates will learn how to use the management features of Predict! including monitoring risk provision, looking at risks from different perspectives, risk escalation and management reporting.

Decision–makers will get hands-on knowledge on how to perform the management functions that are available within Predict! Successful delegates will be able to organise and tailor information and keep track of financial concerns by being able to look at risks and understand them objectively. Delegates will also learn how to produce management reports and how to act on them appropriately to support decision–making in their organisations.


You will learn how to:

• Use the Hierarchy Tree to organise your risks in a way that reflects your area of the organisation
• Understand the effects of looking at risks from different perspectives within the organisation
• Escalate risks to ensure that they reside in the most appropriate part of your organisation.
• Produce management reports in Predict! to support decision-making.



This course focuses on the management functionality of Predict! and requires that users already have a degree of confidence in using the tool and have a good understanding of risk management standards and processes.

Delegates should have already completed the Predict! Risk Controller Foundation course (PRC-TC-01), or the legacy Using Predict! Risk Controller to Manage Risks course (PRC-01).


The next step

Once you have successfully completed the ‘Advanced course’ and you would like to start analysing your risk information, we recommend that you book yourself onto ‘Introduction to Risk Analysis using Predict! Risk Analyser’ and following that ‘Schedule Risk Analysis using Predict! Risk Analyser’.


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