Predict! Risk Reporter Orientation Course (TC-PRR-01)


This is a one-day, hands-on orientation course for the Predict! Risk Reporter capability, including an introduction to how it interfaces with the Jaspersoft Studio report writer. The course is targeted at:

  • Super-users: who will be responsible for establishing the reporting requirements for their organisation, and uploading and sharing new report templates in Predict!
  • Report creators: who will be the technical resources that use Jaspersoft Studio to create or update the report templates to be used in Predict!

The course aims to upskill you with everything you need to know about using the Predict! Risk Reporter framework for tailoring report templates. Following this course, your organisation will be able to:

  • Customise existing report templates
  • Create new custom report templates
  • Share custom report templates with users in Predict!

If you require Jaspersoft Studio training, please visit:

If you don’t have the technical resources or the time to create custom reports, please contact your account manager to discuss your requirements for our Custom Report Development Service.

Course approach

  • Maximum 3 delegates, at least one Predict! super-user, and one technical person experienced in using report writing tools like Jaspersoft Studio
  • Delivered at your business location, using your Predict! database
  • Desk-side coaching, listening to your particular needs


We strongly recommend that this orientation course is taken following implementation of your Predict! software i.e. after Predict! is configured and contains some risk data.

All delegates: Predict! Risk Controller and Predict! Risk Reporter licenses

Super-users: Be familiar with Predict! Risk Controller e.g. attended Predict! Orientation course (code: TC-PRC-01)

Report creators: Verified client-side installation of Jaspersoft Studio with access to Predict!’s datasources.