21st January 2019

2019 – A year for all types of fun and adventure!

January always takes me pleasantly by surprise – after a slow start, suddenly the pace picks up and I find I’m anticipating the year to come. It reminds me of the excitement I felt as a child when the long school summer holiday stretched out ahead. A wealth of opportunity and adventurous discovery of risks to be taken, unknowns to be explored with friends. Our favourite adventures revolved around playing in a local abandoned quarry (despite the best warnings from my mother!).

After all, nothing ventured nothing gained. Taking heed of the sensible advice not to be reckless, we can be successful in seeking opportunity. Be inspired, innovative, adventurous. Stretch ourselves to achieve more than we ever thought we could manage. 

Today, I am constantly being inspired by people like Jasmin Paris, who just smashed the record (by 12 hours) as the first woman to win the 268-mile ultra-marathon cross-country Spine Race.

The Pennine Way is renowned as the toughest route in the UK, equivalent to almost two Mount Everest’s worth of elevation. It’s a hard enough hike in daylight, in good weather. She completed the course battling 50mph winds and driving rain in just over 83 hours, with only 2 and a quarter hours’ sleep and total resting time of 7 hours. Wow!

Interviewed during the race, she said “I’m really enjoying myself. It’s a mixture of ‘type one’ and ‘type two’ fun.” Click here to learn more about Jasmin Paris’ Record time!

I had to look up the meaning – type 1, enjoyable while it’s happening; type 2, miserable at the time, but fun looking back. I love these ideas of fun. It seems to me that it is mostly about attitude – tackling what looks like the impossible and winning. Of course, you need the right training, equipment and physical fitness. The support of a good team. But most of all, it’s about taking on the mental challenge.

I agree that with most challenges’ it’s a case of mindset. Setting goals and working out how to achieve them. Taking a positive approach to well planned, well-executed risk-taking. Looking to the future, shaping the future.

That’s how fun risk can be: type 1 and type 2.

This is how we approach things at Risk Decisions, any challenge or problem we address with the mindset of fun and adventure. Through our work with customers, we encourage them to do the same!


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