Schedule Risk Analysis Awareness

Training and coaching

Welcome to Analysis Schedule training and coaching – your gateway to making better decisions using schedule risk analysis. We will teach you how risk analysis can help make decisions to improve confidence in project schedules, and help you with techniques to ensure that schedules are designed with risk analysis in mind. The training ends  with an opportunity for you to run a schedule of your own through Predict! Risk Analyser or an analysis tool of your choice in order to apply what you have learnt.

This is not a software course.

  • Risk analysts, risk coordinators, schedulers, planners & project managers
  • 1 – 3
  • 1 Day
  • A Super User who is trained in schedule analysis must be present to represent the business needs.
  • Users must be familiar with scheduling tools such as MS Project, Primavera or Open Plan.
  • This informative 1 day class is aimed at familiarising users with the concept of schedule risk analysis and the role they play in it.
  • This is not a software course.
  • Understand the value of performing schedule risk analysis and that it will be maximised when stakeholders feed into the process.
  • A full understanding of the business need, the effects of your inputs, and the associated decision-making.
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