Bid Risk Analysis


This consultative service will provide users with the knowledge and assistance to perform a well structured and accurate bid. Starting from bid preparation, through to bid defence, we will ensure that you are able to provide a winning a bid proposal while providing sound risk-based decisions.

  • Any bid team
  • Scope dependent
  • Scope dependent
  • Attendees must have familiarity with scheduling tools such as MS Project, Primavera or Open Plan.
  • Our consultant will assist users with agreed elements of the bid and help you to decide on the correct budgets milestones dates.
  • Using a risk map to facilitate a brain storm sessions, we will identify the different sources of risk and asses the potential for exploiting opportunities.
  • Insight into what goes into the baseline and what is better managed through mitigation and contingency.
  • Users will gain confidence in writing well structured, accurate and compelling bids.
  • Improved bid/no bid decision-making process.
  • Ability to explore feasibility of different options and justify decisions on budget, targets and contingency.
  • Modelled different ‘what-if’ scenarios to see which cost and schedule options provide the biggest return with the lowest risk.
  • The ability to identify key areas of risk and uncertainty.
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