Using Risk Visualisation to support project success

Project Controls Expo Global Virtual Event Presentation

Val Jonas. Leading Expert in Risk Management

Project Controls Expo Global Virtual Event 2021

Hosted by Val Jonas and Trevor Jay

Increasingly, successful project and program managers are introducing risk-intelligent conversations into their armoury to support sound decision-making into their complex projects. Using risk visualisation techniques, they are gaining traction with the wider project stakeholder community. Most importantly, they are getting the board-on-board from the outset – marking the difference between project success and failure.

Risk Decisions' world-leading Predict! Risk Analyser interactive dashboard and ‘what-if’ scenario capability are designed specifically to support those ground-breaking risk-intelligent conversations. And Predict! Risk Visualiser’s connected risk capability highlights how risks influence each other, with the added dimension of risk velocity providing a fantastic way to focus decision-makers’ attention.