28th January 2020

Predict! Version 6 is here

Connecting risk with Predict! version 6.0

Oxford, UK: Risk Decisions is announcing version 6.0 of their Predict! risk software. This new version is born from our Predict! community’s insights, plus our focus on enabling risk to transform organisations.

Improving efficiency, competitiveness and resilience is a shared and constant quest goal for businesses looking for fewer surprises and increased visibility of risk at executive level. Proactively managing risk – embedded across your organisation – plays a major role in achieving this.

So how can risk leaders break down the barriers to realising this engagement? We help you do this by putting user experience at the centre of Predict! Version 6. We have created an intuitive product that will be readily adopted across your organisation.

Predict! Version 6 focuses on making it as simple as possible for everyone in your organisation to engage in proactively managing risks and opportunities. Enabling you to help shape future success by taking forward-thinking, risk-based decisions.

Predict! Version 6 ensures the right people see the right information, at the right time, in the easiest possible way. This new version breaks down silos between different parts of an enterprise and connects risks to organisational goals. With time being a precious commodity, risk leads can now focus on informing executive decision making at strategic and operational levels, rather than suffering the distractions of admin tasks.

Fiona Racher, Risk Decisions Director, says “We are revolutionising our customer’s perception of risk. We are helping our customers to switch the view of risk managers from bearers of bad news and dream breakers, to being seen as enablers of innovation and business success”.

Find out more about Risk Decisions’s Predict! Software.

About Risk Decisions:

Risk Decisions provides risk software and consulting services. Since Risk Decisions’ launch in 1985, they have expanded their influence around the globe with additional offices in Australia and Canada. Risk Decisions believes in a world where risk is a force for good. A world where risk brings people together to transform organisations. Predict! continues standards such as ISO 31000:2018

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