Predict! Risk Reporter


Welcome Predict! Risk Reporter Coaching – your gateway to understanding the capabilities of the Predict! framework.

This hands-on two-day session introduces you to using Predict!’s custom reporting capability for creating specific reports your organisation needs, using Jaspersoft Studio. As well as uploading and sharing your new report templates in Predict. Jaspersoft Studio Training.

If you require Jaspersoft Studio training, please visit their resource material.

If you don’t have the technical resources or the time to create, custom reports, please contact your account manager to discuss your requirements for our Custom Report Development Service.

  • Super users & report writers
  • 1 – 3
  •  2 Days
  • Our consultant will teach users the capabilities of the framework offered by predict!
  • Day 1 – The relevant skills to customise and preview report templates and share them with users in Predict! Risk Controller.
  • Day 2 – Knowledge to prototype different types of report outputs catered to your needs.
  • This service is not intended as an in-depth training course for the third-party Jaspersoft report writer, nor a service for completing your own custom report templates.
  • Risk Decisions can offer additional days of coaching if users have specific or complex report requirements that they wish to explore, or have assistance implementing for them.
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