Risk-Intelligence: How Successful Leaders Thrive In An Uncertain World

Risk is offering new choices to Organisations.

Is it a strategic business priority or an operational checklist? Proactive or reactive? Compliance or opportunity? Where does this leave ownership of risk? And how can we open up a broader understanding and culture of risk? 

Risk Decisions unpacks all this in a new white paper, Risk-Intelligence: How Successful Leaders Thrive In An Uncertain World. We’ve collaborated with experts in the field to discover how risk professionals can drive more innovative ‘risk-intelligent’ – or RQ- thinking at board level, to shape organisations. And how this can open up new conversations to transform risk outcomes.  

Our international contributors explore:  

  • Whether risk has a PR problem 
  • The emergence of the risk intelligent leader 
  • Risk as a performance and innovation driver  
  • The components of an effective risk culture 
  • How organisations can drive risk forward as a force for good 

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