26th April 2018

Welcome our new Marketing Executive

Charlotte Mellor – Marketing Executive.

It’s exciting times at Risk Decisions. We’ve welcomed a few new team members in recent months and thought it would be a good idea to introduce them to our customers and community. We’ll start with Charlotte who joined as us a Marketing Executive.

My role means…

As Marketing Executive I’m responsible for maintaining our website, designing engaging graphics, managing our profile online and social media. A more overarching responsibility is to communicate Risk Decision’s key messages across all areas of marketing and ensure all items are aligned with our brand and value proposition.

I joined Risk Decisions because…

I felt that Risk Decisions would be a great environment for me to learn and expand my experiences. There’s a real culture of diversity and embracing everyone’s uniqueness here – the team isn’t afraid of doing things differently.

I’m excited to be part of the team because…

As a culture, the business isn’t afraid of risk; I’ve been allowed to try new things and explore new ways of doing things.

I also believe that in terms of development, there’s no limits on my growth. I report into Fiona and she’s consistently nurtured my professional development as well as helped me.

How Risk Decisions makes a difference

Risk Decisions doesn’t just want to sell a product; we understand that mindsets need to change about risk management as a whole. I really enjoy how the team really does want to help customers release potential. They take the extra time to work with customers to focus on the customer’s long-term goal as a business, not just the initial project. We build a network with customers, To ensure there is more support or resources and our community provides a platform for customers to talk and share ideas with each other.

What’s next for me at Risk Decisions

I’m looking forward to expanding my experience and contributing more the company’s long-term goals.

The detail of the day-to-day’s great but I’d love to focus more on brand management and the overall strategic planning for the marketing department, bringing a more strategic and creative view.

When I’m not at work I …

Split my time between badminton, pole fitness and I’m about to start learning ariel skills as well and I can’t wait.

Another keen passion of mine is primate conservation. At University I studied this for my MSc and it’s still a strong passion of mine, to educate and promote the conversation of primates.

I also love to doodle- I find it’s an excellent way to take notes as it allows me to be creative whilst complementing the way my mind solves problems.