Implementing Predict!

Risk Decisions’ Implementation Services give our customers that all important confidence around risk management. Together, we create a more consistent and predictable project pathway for your organisation.

How we do it

We can help you create a risk management approach that works across your projects and truly fits with your business. Within a week we work with your super users to determine the right Predict! configuration, underpinned with the skills to enhance future use, alongside supporting organisational roll-out. Sustainable, simple, scalable – to help boost your existing processes.

What we do

Working together, referring to your risk management framework we configure Predict! to your business needs:

  • Drive engagement by meeting the needs of each user role and business area
  • Create visibility through efficient reporting frameworks
  • Enable risk capabilities through training and coaching
  • Develop a culture of improvement through increased efficiency, consistency and auditability of risk management activities

For risk managers and coordinators this gives you back that time and resource to drive the value-add, strategic activities around your risk data.

Why it works

We’ve listened to you, and understand what you are seeking to achieve. With Risk Decisions’ flexible, approach, friendly and experienced experts we will guide your team towards that confident user point. Our responsive help desk provide ongoing support, helping you achieve your risk targets every day.

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