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21st January 2019
January always takes me pleasantly by surprise – after a slow start, suddenly the pace picks up and I find I’m anticipating the year to come. It reminds me of…

Customer Stories & Case Studies

We found Predict! to be extremely valuable during projects and bids – we are now encouraging our current clients to use Predict! including the Monte Carlo analysis capability.

Mark CooperAWD Bid Manager, Raytheon

We’re incredibly excited to see improvements in productivity and effectiveness as a result of the improved engagement. This is enabling a far more proactive approach to risk management and allowing the leadership team to make informed business decisions.

Kirsty CollRisk and Insurance Manager, ASC

People definitely ask more questions about risk management now and we’re seeing far more engagement from all areas of the business

Charlotte CandyRisk Manager, Low level Waste Repository
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Risk Consulting


Risk is a necessary component of progress

Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

Shaping a Positive Vision and Strategy

Enlightened leaders treat risk as a welcome guest to help them shape the future of their business, not as an unwanted intruder.

In this 2-hour masterclass, we help your leadership team change the way they think about and react to risk – we call it being ‘risk-intelligent’.


Connecting Risk

Organisations like yours are striving to outperform in highly competitive markets. You can capitalise on the pockets of excellent risk management across your organisation to get ahead.

We’ll help you set up a collaborative framework with a steering group to provide strong and active leadership to deliver your risk vision.


Sustainable Risk Capability

Competitive advantage comes from your people living and breathing opportunity and risk.

We’ll help you build a team of champions who understand risk and who are empowered to improve and embed excellent risk practice across your organisation.


Predict! Software

Everything in one place

Predict! is the one risk tool you need to lead risk with conviction and confidence, and feel good doing it.

If you are like most risk professionals, you want to spend your valuable time on taking strategic risk-based decisions that create stakeholder confidence, safeguard reputation, and build stronger more successful organisations.

To give you the breathing space to reflect and think, Predict!:

Makes it as simple as possible for your organisation to have a proactive approach to risks and opportunities
Enables you to quickly and easily provide whatever reporting you need to give senior managers insights for strategic risk-based decision making.
Identifies uncertainty hot spots, key risks and opportunities driving schedules and budgets. Deep dive into the data to discover the answers you need.
Is configurable for enterprise, portfolios, and major programs as well as projects.
On your organisation’s servers or as a cloud-hosted option. Whichever is best for you.
Gives you confidence from knowing our global, responsive and friendly support team
have your back.

Predict! Empowering you

Risk Controller

Effective, engaged and integrated, it gives you a clear understanding of your business risk exposure and the confidence to lead impactful responses.


Predict! Risk

Test the resilience of your schedule and budget, pinpoint key risk areas impacting project completion and demonstrate the benefit of mitigation actions.


Predict! Risk

Clear visualisations of real-time risk information from across your organisation.


& Coaching

Our experienced tutors will also show you how to make the most of your risk
information to improve your business performance.



 We ensure the risk team have the necessary skills to adapt the configuration for future needs.



Our support team are happy to help you use the Predict! software to enable you to
deliver your risk management process.


Risk Hub

Enterprise Risk Management

Framework for businesses to assess exposure to risk


Portfolio Risk Management

Taking project risk management to the next level


Project and Programme Risk Management

Confidence to deliver: on budget, on time, every time


Bid Risk Management

Why your approach to bidding could be killing your business