Win proposals with risk analysis

Incorporating risk analysis into your proposal preparation 

Using risk analysis from an early stage in preparing a bid can result in more confident pricing and more business won. It can also improve your bid/no-bid decision-making process, making the difference between turning a profit and breaking even, or even worse, suffering financial and reputation loss. 

Our risk consultants are industry experts who can join your bid team throughout bid preparation and into bid defence. Using Monte Carlo analysis, they will give you a platform for making sound risk-based decisions. 

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Risk identification workshop: 

The first step is to work with you to identify the potential risks that could arise by drawing on our experience, the bidding documents, and lessons from within your organisation.   

We will use a risk map to facilitate a brainstorm session that identifies different sources of risk that may not be immediately apparent to members of your team, helping assess the potential for exploiting opportunities. 

While assisting you to compile a well-defined risk position, our consultant will help you to determine those risks that are issues (already impacting your deliverables). We’ll also provide objective advice on what goes into the baseline and what is better managed through mitigation and contingency.

Risk analysis support: 

Looking at all the elements of your bid, including uncertainty estimates, schedules, and identified risks, we will help you to determine which budgets and milestone dates are competitive, as well as giving you confidence that you do not have significant exposure to failure due to lengthy schedule or cost overruns. 

Bid defence: 

During the negotiation process, our consultant can become a member of your bid team to answer questions, provide justifications for the risk submission, defend mitigation expenditure allowances, and support general contractual discussions. 

Outcomes include:

  • Greater confidence in your bid submission and defence.
  • Prioritisation of the key risks to focus mitigation budget on, and which tasks your overall targets are sensitive to. 
  • Models of different ‘what-if’ scenarios to see which cost and schedule options provide the biggest return with the lowest risk. 
  • A compelling narrative that justifies your decisions on budgets and targets. 
  • A business case for negotiating appropriate risk out of the contract.

Take the first step towards achieving your organisation’s goals by letting us help you incorporate risk analysis into your proposals. Contact us today to learn more.

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