Predict! Risk Reporter

As busy managers, you need to make data-driven decisions quickly. Reports with clear visualisations of real-time risk information from across your organisation are essential. 

Predict! Risk Reporter empowers your organisation to create custom report templates that take your business forward. Shareable with users via the Predict! Risk Controller report menu, there’s no distraction of a separate system log-in, encouraging wider user engagement. 

Different functions, programs, and other stakeholders may have distinctive needs. You can meet these by modifying an existing template, or by creating a new one from scratch. If you don’t have report writing specialists or the time to do this, we offer a custom Report Development Service to do it for you! 

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Integrated and practical

All reports, including your own, are run from the same place in the Predict! Risk Controller risk list and detail screens, making it easy to satisfy corporate reporting requirements.

Produce editable MS Word, PowerPoint, or PDF documents, with direct navigation to specific risks.

Corporate consistency

Deliver your organisation’s distinctive reporting requirements, whatever the complexity.  Have your reports at the ready for decision-making; monthly, quarterly or any time in-between.

Whatever you want

Present your data in the way that works for you. 

Visualisations – heat grids, scatter/bubble charts, spider charts etc – as well as tabular formats.

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