Achieving best practice risk management with Predict! in Defence

Defence and national security are hot topics these days. So it’s not surprising that the 609 major and 93 minor Australian Defence acquisition projects, with a price tag of $190bn, are under scrutiny.

The recent Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) Major Projects report cites 9 of the top 20 projects experienced in-year schedule slippage in 2022-23. And 9 reported that some elements of capability/scope delivery were under threat or unlikely to be met.

So it makes sense that governance and risk feature in the key objectives section of the ANAO report. This mandates moving off spreadsheets and onto the Predict! risk management platform, to support best practice from project up to enterprise level.

In this webinar, we set out to understand best practice approaches to risk management in major projects and look at how Predict! helps improve confidence of on-time, on-budget delivery. You can watch the recording below.

Presented by Val Jonas – CEO

Presented by Trevor Jay – Technical Sales Manager