Positive Vision and Strategy

Risk Visions for your Organisation

Outcomes include:

  • A powerful, unified and ambitious vision for exploiting risk in your organisation
  • A clear plan for turning risk into a positive force for good
  • A strategic risk approach embedded in your leadership team’s style.

Sustainable Risk Capability

Building a Risk-Intelligent Organisation

Outcomes include:

  • A culture of engagement in which employees take ownership of risks and work together on solutions that drive business growth
  • A dynamic risk capability that allows you to place risk in its true strategic position
  • Improved productivity and staff retention.

Connecting Risk

Breaking Down the Silos for Smarter Decision Making
  • An agreed programme of change for each business area, leading to closer co-operation between functions/teams.
  • Combined perspectives that bring new, more effective ways to tackle threats and capitalise on opportunities.
  • More effective decision-making and clearer accountability.

Win proposals with risk analysis

Incorporating risk analysis into your proposal preparation

Outcomes Include

  • Understand and have prioritised the key risks to focus mitigation budget on, and which tasks your overall targets are sensitive to.
  • Have a compelling narrative that justifies your decisions on budgets and targets
  • Built a business case for negotiating appropriate risk out of the contract

Support & Training


  • Global support team ready to help with any query or problem.
  • Our team have access to both risk management experts and technical experts to help answer your queries.
  • A great reputation for fast and responsive support.
  • Trusted relationships with all our customers, always listening and focussing on the risk outcomes you are looking for.

Training & Coaching

  • Trainers draw on years of experience with organisations across many sectors, world-wide.
  • Learn how to make the most out of your Predict! Software to help you improve business performance.
  • Trainers take time to understand your organisation and tailor their approach.
  • Online and desk side coaching available, focussing on your particular needs.