Predict! Risk Analyser

Projects operate in a changing and evolving environment. As the future unfolds, be confident you can handle uncertainty and are ready to make decisions quickly. Use Predict! Risk Analyser to test the resilience of your schedule and budget, pinpoint key risk areas impacting project completion, and demonstrate the benefit of mitigation actions. 

Predict! Risk Analyser is designed to do this and more. Whether you’re bidding for a contract, determining contingency, calculating estimates to complete, or require assurance that your deliverables are on track at any point in your contract or project’s life-cycle, Predict! Risk Analyser is the solution. 

Predict! Risk Analyser adds extra discipline to performance measurement and project control. It provides reporting that shows you where to focus resources, how to justify expenditure on mitigation actions, and brings managers the confidence that project success – timely and within budget – is in hand. 

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Create options

Play what-if to work out the best ways to manage risks and exploit opportunities. So you can make smarter scenario based risk decisions about the route to take.

At a glance

Schedule and cost confidences show your current risk position. Tornados and S-curves support decision making.  See immediately where to focus.

Pin-point the drivers

Identify uncertainty hot spots, key risks and opportunities driving the schedule and budget. With Predict! you can deep dive into the data to discover the answers you need. 

The benefit of action

Calculate the cost benefit and build a business case for proactive expenditure. Get ahead of the game, so you can return contingency budget to margin.

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We're more than just a software company. We're risk experts.

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