Predict! Risk Controller (PRC)

Beautifully simple software

A full picture of how you manage risks is vital to a successful risk strategy. Effective, engaged, and integrated, PRC gives you a clear understanding of your business risk exposure and the confidence to lead impactful responses. It’s how you release your organisation’s potential.

Predict! is designed for an enhanced user experience. Simplicity and speed define this new intuitive risk management platform, driving engagement and levelling out organisational adoption. Now you can dedicate more attention to long-term organisational strategies, grounded in accurate data.

Collaborating with our customer community, we’ve built Predict! to support your business’ goals. A more flexible platform ensures a personalised, highly configurable tool to deliver the risk data you need to make managing risk as easy as possible.

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Feature Highlights

At a glance

The homepage dashboard is where you find risks and actions needing attention. See immediately where to focus. Show you’re on top of your risks and actions.

Providing answers

Need information for senior management in minutes? You can quickly filter on tags, geography, contract, score, status, etc. Report on the KPIs that make sense to your organisation.

It’s in the detail

Will your controls and actions get you there? Are you protected should the worst happen? Be clear your risks and opportunities will deliver the desired outcomes.

Join the dots

All your risk information in one place, from backroom to boardroom. No more merging spreadsheets for management review. Transparent team collaboration across your organisation.

Looking good

Quick to learn. Easy to audit. From enterprise to function, and portfolio to project, your boss has confidence your team is managing the right risks well.

Make it yours

Configure Predict! to work for your teams. Match your risk process. Embed your custom reports. Enable Predict! to help you shape the future.

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    Our Predict! training and coaching will build up your skills, so you can take better informed risk-based decisions.


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