Predict! Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting of software is fast becoming the new normal as organisations appreciate the boost in corporate efficiency, productivity and the capex reduction opportunities it provides.

Take up is growing following the significant investment cloud providers have made in security, which closes the gap between what an enterprise can achieve in their on-premise IT infrastructure and what they get from a cloud provider.

Globally, we are seeing our customers making the move to Predict! Cloud, recognising it as a secure and reliable approach, with more flexibility than their on-premise solution. They also appreciate the trust they can place in our award-winning support team to manage the hosted platform for them.

About Predict! Cloud

Microsoft Azure

We chose to partner with MS Azure because of their long-standing reputation as a safe, trusted and robust provider of ISO 27001 compliant hosted environments across industry sectors.

MS Azure delighted us with their responsiveness when we were exploring hosted platform options. As we pride ourselves on being responsive to our customers, this was an important consideration for our hosting partner.

Secure & Trusted

The MS Azure platform satisfies the rigorous security and privacy demands of organisations handling incredibly sensitive data: US government institutions, and 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

MS Azure offers the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider, including ITAR, DoD, IRAP.

Azure Compliance ListEncryptionDNS Security and CertificatesAnti-Virus


We know how much data sovereignty matters to all our customers. So, you decide the region and data centre right for you, and we’ll deploy Predict! there. To date Microsoft has announced 54 Azure regions – more than any other cloud provider.

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Customer personal data stored in Predict! is owned by the Customer, and Risk Decisions’ robust processes will ensure that your data is always protected. Click here for Risk Decisions privacy notice.

Microsoft Azure employees cannot access your data. Click here for Microsoft Azure’s GDPR statement.

Risk Decisions PrivacyMicrosoft Azure GDPR

Reduced Expenditure

You can make substantial capital savings by reducing spending on equipment and infrastructure as you no longer need to build, operate and maintain an expensive data centre. You may also be able to reduce operating costs too as energy consumption costs will reduce.

Many organisations find that cloud hosting means they can redeploy their scarce, valuable IT people resources to areas that make more money for the business

Adaptability & Flexibility

With cloud services, Predict! can be easily scaled up or down as your demands and context change.

If you change your mind about cloud hosting at any time, there’s no issue. We can help you transfer your data to an on-premise installation of Predict! Alternatively, we can download your risk and action data in a flat Excel format.


All backups reside in a separate geolocation, so you can be sure if disaster strikes we can restore your system to a backup in another geolocation quickly, without any change to the way you access Predict!

Feature Highlights

Fresh software 

Immediate upgrades put new Predict! capability and features quickly into your hands. Risk Decisions’ support team will apply updates as soon as they become available, creating relief for your IT department.

Always-on availability 

We host our cloud version on Predict! on the MS Azure platform, allowing us to offer 99% availability.  

Works from anywhere, on any device 

If you have an internet connection, you will have access to the risk data. No matter where you are in the world, on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones.

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Training and Coaching

Our Predict! training and coaching will build up your skills, so you can take better informed risk-based decisions.


Friendly and flexible configuration


Amazing global customer support