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Predict! is the one risk tool you need to lead risk with conviction and confidence, and feel good doing it.

If you are like most risk professionals, you want to spend your valuable time on taking strategic risk-based decisions that create stakeholder confidence, safeguard reputation, and build stronger more successful organisations.

To assist you, Predict! focuses on making it as simple as possible for everyone in your organisation to engage in a proactive approach to risks and opportunities. Leading to transparency, better collaboration and greater responsibility for risk.

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Predict! Risk Controller

Managing opportunities, threats and issues proactively
  • Effective, engaged and integrated.
  • Quickly filter on tags, geography, contract, score, status etc.
  • Configurable to your process, embed your own custom reports.
  • Quick to learn. Easy to audit.
  • Simplicity and speed define Predict! Controller
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Predict! Risk Analyser

Monte Carlo analysis helps you go the extra mile
  • Schedule and cost confidences show your current risk position. Tornados and S-curves support decision making.
  • What-if to work out the best ways to manage threats and exploit opportunities.
  • Calculate the cost benefit and build a business case for proactive expenditure.
  • Measure performance and trends against KPIs
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Predict! Risk Reporter

Custom reporting embedded within Predict! Risk Controller
  • Reports at the ready for decision-making.
  • Visualisations – heat grids, scatter/bubble charts, spider charts
  • Export to MS Word, PowerPoint, or PDF documents
  • Track your KPIs to spot underlying patterns quickly
  • You can build your own or get us to do it!
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Predict! Cloud

  • Secure and Trusted
  • Adaptable and Flexible
  • Reliable
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    Support & Training


    • Global support team ready to help with any query or problem.
    • Our team have access to both risk management experts and technical experts to help answer your queries.
    • A great reputation for fast and responsive support.
    • Trusted relationships with all our customers, always listening and focussing on the risk outcomes you are looking for.

    Training & Coaching

    • Trainers draw on years of experience with organisations across many sectors, world-wide.
    • Learn how to make the most out of your Predict! Software to help you improve business performance.
    • Trainers take time to understand your organisation and tailor their approach.
    • Online and desk side coaching available, focussing on your particular needs.