The Risk Intelligence White Paper

How successful leaders thrive in an uncertain world.
Risk Intelligence white paper

Times are changing. The world is changing. Business is changing and with it, the language of risk is changing.

We at Risk Decisions have spent the last few months researching, interviewing and digging into the world of risk and we invite you to be a part of the conversation.

Our new White Paper shows insights from industry leaders from around the world and delves into the underrated use of Risk Intelligence to embrace the potential of risk.

Follow the download link below and get your copy of Risk-Intelligence: How successful leaders thrive in an uncertain world.


  • Risk: a four-letter word?
  • Does Risk have a pr problem?
  • RQ and the risk-Intelligent Leader
  • Va-Va-Voom! Risk as a performance driver
  • The curious case of risk culture

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White Paper Contributors

  • Alvaro Medina, OHL
  • Andrew Pyke, Keyholder Pty Ltd
  • Emma Bradley, GSK Consumer Healthcare
  • Horst Simon, Risk Culture Builder
  • Liz Lee-Kelley, Cranfield University
  • Pete Madsen, Bentleys SA
  • Roger Baker, L3 MAPPS UK
  • Tim Fenemore, Project Delivery Expert
  • Val Jonas, CEO Risk Decisions

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