Risk Decisions’ Toronto Seminar- Defining the future of risk

As Risk Decisions grows, we are investing time in building our global customer communities. In May we were delighted to host a future-facing session with our Canadian customers, as well as attendees from the wider risk community and business partners.


Strengthening relationships in our customer community

As with all our customer community events, our intention is to bring together a group of risk curious leaders, to explore, understand and share their challenges, opportunities and lessons around successful risk strategies.

From experience, this senior-level peer connection is where the gold dust is, the opportunity to brainstorm and share expertise while forging new relationships and opportunities for collaboration.  It’s these guiding conversations that help risk leaders re-evaluate – and possibly – shift existing risk approaches to drive the transformative capability for change throughout their own organisations.

Tapping into risk trends

Throughout the seminar, we were able to pull out the shared themes for customers, working with them to navigate solutions.

From a strategic perspective, the C-suite is increasingly seeing risk as a competitive advantage.  However, the challenge is the risk immaturity of many organisations.  Raising risk on the agenda, building the community and leading new conversations around risk will enable us to encourage maturity, and managing this as a barrier to effective risk management.

A cultural shift in risk

The softer side of risk emerged as key in our seminar too. People skills are vital to manage behaviors and successfully implement effective risk management.  Consistency in risk language and approach with partners is one way to shift behaviours.  Finally, the state of the risk Eco-system needs better understanding; with more contractors required to deliver on risk, it’s essential to allocate responsibility for risk appropriately between client and contractor.

It’s an exciting time in risk, and connecting with our Canadian community underpinned just how fast it’s evolving.  We’d love to have a chat to discuss how risk can help your organisation.