Bidding to win – Webinar 3.

Are you taking the right amount of risk?

The third and final webinar in our ‘Bidding to win’ series.

Too little risk and you are likely to be uncompetitive. Too much risk and you could incur penalties and lose money.

Bidding competitively is a fine balancing act. Scoping the work, developing a schedule, costing the work, establishing a price, all within a tight bidding timeframe. It’s fraught with danger. How do you allow for uncertainty and risk, when you’re caught between the need to provide a compliant, competitive bid and ensuring successful delivery to your customer and your business?

In this final webinar of our 3-part ‘Bidding to Win’ series, we turn to looking at making sure you are taking the right amount of risk and discuss practical “how to” examples. We’ll answer the all-important question “If we win the bid – how likely are we to make a profit?”

Presented by Val Jonas – Ceo

Presented by Trevor Jay – Technical Sales Manager

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