Predict! Risk Reporter

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Reporter Orientation

Welcome to Predict! Risk Reporter Orientation – your gateway to understanding the capabilities of the Predict! framework.

Our consultant will introduce you to using Predict!’s custom reporting capability to create, upload and share your custom reports using the third party Jaspersoft Studio report writer.

We can offer additional days of coaching if you would like our assistance in implementing specific or detailed report requirements.

This course is not an in-depth JasperSoft training course.

Users will learn the relevant skills to customise and preview report templates and share them with users in Predict! Risk Controller.

Note – We strongly recommend you take this course once Predict! is implemented and contains some risk data.

  • Course Pre-requisites – At least one attendee must have attended the Predict! Risk Controller Orientation course. One attendee needs experience in using report writing tools.
  • Who is this course for? – This course is for Super Users and Report Writers
  • Course Capacity – Limited to 3 delegates
  • Course Duration – 1 Day
  • Course Location – Onsite or online when necessary

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