The Snowball Effect: Harnessing the Power of Risk Intelligence

Stay at the forefront of risk management with the second edition of our Risk Intelligence (RQ) series of white papers, ‘The Snowball Effect’. Written by industry experts, this comprehensive guide delves into the role of middle managers in organisations and the behaviours and communication strategies that are vital for success.

The Snowball Effect - Let's Get the Ball Rolling.

We take a look at the power of The Snowball Effect in risk management and how it can be harnessed to drive success within your organisation. We explore the importance of building momentum, staying focused, and leveraging your strengths to overcome challenges and achieving your goals.

What Makes a Great Middle Manager?

We examine the qualities of great middle managers, the importance of diversity in risk-based decision making, and why the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) should be on speed dial. We discuss the role of middle managers in risk management, the skills they need to excel in this field, and why their actions are critical to success.

Preparedness and Pivoting: A new normal, a better normal.

The world of risk management is constantly changing, and it’s essential to be prepared to pivot when necessary. In this chapter, we discuss how to be proactive in anticipating and responding to changes in the environment, how to create a culture of preparedness, and how to build resilience and agility into your risk management strategy.

Six Cornerstones - Making the Snowball Effect work in your favour.

We move on to outline the six pillars that shape The Snowball Effect. Our panel of experts cover topics such as risk identification, assessment, mitigation, and reporting, as well as the importance of continuous improvement and building a culture of risk intelligence. 

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