Predict! 5.0.1 – another step on the way

Predict! 5 focuses on helping to break down barriers to successful risk management, by making it easier for our customers to leverage risk information across their organisations: a key priority for many organisations.


The redesign of the user interface at Predict! 5.0 was the first step to encourage wider adoption by focusing on speed, simplicity and a great user experience. Predict! 5.0.1 now builds on this with further usability improvements. Thanks to our agile development approach we can provide customers with enhancements as they become available.

In this update, improvements include:

  • Predict! Risk Analyser users with higher spec machines can now take advantage of their additional memory to run larger models. Previously all users were limited to the memory available on the lowest spec machines.
  • Tooltip help extended to additional areas e.g. when you select a category from a category list.
  • Improvements to the standard Predict! reports – a prelude to Predict! 5.1 and its flexible reporting capability.

To learn more customers can download the complete set of Predict! Risk Controller release notes and the Predict! Risk Analyser release notes from the Customer area on our website. Please get in touch if you do not have a login

Please contact the Risk Decisions helpdesk for instructions on downloading and installing Predict! 5.0.1 at