Risk Decisions set to transform risk management experience through Predict! 5.0

Press Release: Oxford, 3 May 2016: As risk management moves higher up the corporate agenda, organisations are looking for new ways to integrate proactive risk management into core business operations and management.  Risk Decisions, the leading global risk management software organisation, has launched Predict! 5, an enhanced version of its specialist risk management and analysis tool, to drive organisational engagement with risk. The platform has been re-designed to ensure speed, simplicity and a great user-experience to encourage wider adoption.

Predict! 5 responds to a shift in the way Risk Decisions’ customers currently manage risk. It allows risk managers to de-centralise the management of risk, opening up and embedding it to help engage projects teams and functions more effectively.  By enabling a deeper understanding of threats and opportunities, users can relate risk exposure directly to their objectives.  Increased engagement and productivity in turn gives managers back time and resource to drive the value-add, strategic activities around their risk data.

Val Jonas, CEO at Risk Decisions comments, “Predict! 5 is a real leap forward for Risk Decisions and we’re very excited to be sharing this with our growing customer community.  With risk front of mind for more and more organisations, businesses like ours need to break down barriers to successful risk management, by making it easier for our customers to leverage risk information across their organisations.”

“Predict! 5 is another step in our risk technology roadmap and ultimately reflects our total commitment to enhancing our users’ experience. Our development team collaborated closely with customers to achieve this.  Customers piloting this new, more intuitive version have been incredibly positive about the results and we’re looking forward to helping them achieve their project and business success.”

Global construction business OHL was one of Risk Decisions’ first customers to pilot Predict! 5.0. Victor Astorga, Risk Management, OHL Industrial explains, “Predict! 5’s new, simple interface is far more intuitive.  It’s easier to navigate and more flexible in terms of how we can manage the data we produce.  All this means that training is minimised and so adoption is faster. Users will find it easy to see what they need to do and when to ensure effective mitigation of their program risks.”

Predict! 5.0 is fully compliant with ISO 31000 and other industry standards.

About Risk Decisions

Risk Decisions is a leader in risk management and analysis software globally. Founded in 1985 it creates, develops and supports Predict! the leading global risk management software. Working with SMEs, government and corporate organisations across project, programme, enterprise and bid risk management, Risk Decision’s team specialise in the defence and aerospace, construction and infrastructure, and life sciences sectors. Headquartered in Oxford, UK, Risk Decisions has offices in Australia and the United States. Customers include UK Ministry of Defence, Australian Department of Defence, Hatch, OHL, KBR, LLWR and BAE Systems.