Risk Decisions strengthens growing Hong Kong risk community

Last month, Risk Decisions UK teamed up with our Asia-Pacific colleagues to host a seminar for infrastructure organisations in Hong Kong: ‘Delivering infrastructure programs: complexity and risk’.

Our goal was to engage risk managers in the area in discussing critical issues facing the infrastructure industry and provide an open platform for delegates to connect with other leaders in risk management. Many of our European customers have cited the value of being part of the Risk Decisions user community, so this gave us an opportunity to extend this to Asia-Pac.

Based at the Regal Hotel, Hong Kong, our intimate seminar, focused on the ideas and inputs from speakers and delegates.

Guest speaker and industry expert, Paul Pring, headed up discussions through his talk – a look at how risk in infrastructure and construction has evolved over the past decade. Using case studies from global leaders, Paul explored how increasingly, organisations now see good risk management as a key priority, and how, with a more collaborative approach, it has revolutionised program management.

Drawing on 25 years’ experience, Paul’s recommendations to the room were:

  • To get the best from risk management, ownership needs to come from the top
  • Choose a system that is intuitive and easy to use for the average user – this encourages adoption
  • Embrace collaboration and place risk where it can best be managed

Paul’s key message to construction and infrastructure organisations is to actively manage risk and work in a collaborative way; great projects don’t fear risk, they embrace it, manage it and provide active treatment to overcome the issues.  They also find and exploit opportunity.  Importantly, senior managers need to provide strategic guidance and significant interest in risk to mitigate user reluctance to use systems.  Being sincere is also essential, rather than using risk to create commercial advantage.  Honesty, trust and sincerity always pays dividends.

Finally, we’d like to thank Paul and the other attendees for contributing to a great event.

This is the first of many events in the region. To find out more about our community program, subscribe to our newsletter.

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