Software update! Predict! 5.2.1

The latest update to the Predict! Software is now available.

The new Predict! 5.2.1 focuses on broadening Predict!’s capability beyond the world of projects, programs and portfolios, with its updated controls capability. 

A compliance manager can now create a library of controls that they want the organisation to use to manage risk. Risk owners then use these centrally defined controls to manage risks in a consistent and auditable manner to ensure compliance with company standards. They can link multiple controls to each risk. 

When assessing the risks, users can understand the likely impact of these controls. This may enable them to reduce the number of mitigation actions and therefore the contingency required. 

General Updates:

  • Two-factor authentication – Add further security to your user login.  
  • Custom risk referencing – Making it easier to find risks.
  • Escalation prompt – New feature which prompts users to escalate risks reaching the highest rating band 

Updates for Predict! Risk Reporter – Our custom reporting tool:

  • Now allows dates on the X-axis plot Risk Proximity 
  • Now export tabular reports to Excel 

Updates for Predict! Risk Analyser:

  • New tornado charts display the number of days and cost that each risk contributes, making it easier to understand the priority risks to mitigate. 
  • Automatic cost-benefit analysis when reporting current and target means it’s easy to identify the mitigation actions that will give you the greatest benefit. 

Plus, 3rd party tool updates