Welcome to The Snowball Effect

Welcome to The Snowball Effect, Risk Decisions’ second white paper in our Risk Intelligence (RQ) series.

The Snowball Effect places risk centre-stage

When we turned our thoughts to this, we couldn’t have imagined it being published as the world continues to reel from a global pandemic that has transformed socio-economic infrastructure and organisational thinking. While not every crisis will look like COVID-19, the major lesson has been how to prepare for the future in a new way.

We’re thrilled to have brought together thought leaders and global risk leaders from across industry in our second Risk Intelligence white paper (RQ2). Collectively, they share expertise, personal insights and predictions as to how we engage and connect with risk in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment. And how the gathering pace of The Snowball Effect leads risk to centre-stage.

Connecting the middle

Vitally, we turn our focus to the fragmented middle. It’s here that we see managers sitting at the heart of organisations, too often making decisions in isolation, disconnected from other decision-makers and with a limited vision of the bigger picture.

This middle management risk community holds the key to greater opportunities, unlocking the transformative potential within their organisations to shape the direction of future tsunamis, from climate change and big data to exponential technologies.

We believe a connected approach allows the middle layer to shape how organisations align their risk-taking and decision making with their company values and vision. It’s how organisations create a vision for risk, communicate it, live and breathe it.

Shaping future thinking

The steep learning curve of the pandemic has shown us how to create new ways to shape future responses to uncertainty. The value will be in the sense-making.

The Snowball Effect galvanises change within risk thinking too. We’ve seen how future-focused organisations are prepared to embrace new behaviours and develop a risk mindset – to understand, embrace and plan for the future. We’re excited by this evolution in risk.

Risk Decisions’ mission has always been to encourage positive, constructive risk conversations. We believe in the power of making it fun and exciting to talk about the future. To re-imagine the opportunities of collaboration, innovation and connected thinking.

Join us as we share how risk intelligence is embedded in outcome-focused decision-making. And how a momentum gathering Snowball Effect can reveal the art of the possible, for your organisation.

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